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中国語 / 중국어 / Chino / le chinois / Китайский / Chinesisch / Chinês

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Learn Chinese with fun games, grammar, expressions, and alphabet. Learn to speak basic Chinese with the Beginner and Intermediate Courses. Listen to all the essential words and phrases you need to build a solid foundation of Chinese. Play listening, picture, word and animation games that will improve your language skills.

Learn Chinese alphabet, pronunciation, and expressions. Learn language tips and grammar in the Grammar Section. Authentic, high quality audio of a Chinese native speaker with clear pronunciation. Quickly find a word in the Search Section.

2000+ common words and phrases that are split into many useful categories. Language sets include: greetings, hobbies, food, animals, star signs, language difficulties, travel phrases, adjectives and verbs, shopping, directions, numbers, romance, school, and telling the time.

Study a new language set every day and practice it in the Games Section. All words and phrases are in Chinese characters as well as pinyin. All language is carefully translated by native speakers and not by computers/online translators. Learn real and appropriate Chinese to chat with your friends or use when you travel in China and Taiwan.

Play games and quizzes that make learning Chinese enjoyable, while giving you the practice and repetition you need for new words to stick in your memory. A wide range of different games and quizzes that cater to people with different learning styles. Basic grammar structures are covered to help you construct your own sentences.

Download the android app from the Google Play Store, and the iOS app from the Apple App Store. All Chinese words and phrases have been translated by native speakers into 30 languages.

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